Friday, April 1, 2011

It's the South, y'all.

1. It's not all sweet tea and mint juleps down here.....we also like bbq.
2. We aren't stupid. Or slow.  It's hot as hell and humid as a wet blanket in a dryer. It slows a person down.
3. We DO wear shoes. I swear. Have been for quite some time - at least 5 years.
4. It's not Mississippi Burning down here, no matter what the media wants you to believe.
5. We are as nice to visitors as they say, we can't help it, it's a compulsion.
6. We will call you a Yankee if you hail from above the Mason-Dixon line. We don't mean nuthin' by it.
7. We have air-conditioning. It's imperitive for us to live and breathe between April-October. (We don't glisten on the front porches, under ceiling fans like Ashley Judd in a Time to Kill.)
8. Football is a religion -  believe it, live it, breath it. And dress your child in your SEC school colors.
9. Don't mess with a Mississippi girl, she may look all sweet and innocent on the outside, but she probably has a gun in her purse and knows how to use it.

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