Thursday, March 31, 2011 the dusty corners of my mind.

Metal sliding boards...the 80's version of microdermabrasion for the thighs.
Riding a bike without a helmet and no one cared.
 Rotary dial telelphone. Having to start over after my excitement to make a call tripped up my fingers.
Scrunchies, slap bracelets, Garbage pail Kids (which I was never allowed to have).
Getting my nickname...Punky Brewster
Feathered bangs
Jordache Jeans
Eating banana popsicles with my mama
Michael Jackson's BAD album
Seeing Terminator 2 at the theater and falling in love with Edward Furlong
Riding around all day Saturdays with my girlfriends blasting Coolio
Watching Friday afraid of getting caught.
Sharing a 6 pack of wine coolers on the backroads
Getting my own cell phone at the ripe old age of 20
Drinking beer at the Refuge
Saturday night, dollar night at Rick's
Being an adult sucks.
But I love it.

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