Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stupid Hair and Warped Reality

Thank you Firehouse for giving me a Cinderella complex at the age of 11. Relationships are nothing like you led me to believe.

1. "Every time we kiss our love is like brand-new." What?!?! Who are you kidding?
2. "We know that we will be together because our love is strong." BA HA HA. Say that again after she cheats on you with your drummer.
3. "We know our dreams will all come true with loving we can share." What the hell does that even mean? Love conquers all? That's just bull shit.
4. "Ohh, forever in my heart, I've finally found the love of a lifetime." It's forever, until you get sick of each other and live in silent hatred.
5. Even the love of a lifetime won't change the fact that you have stupid hair.

When I was 15, you churned out this little gem and solidified my warped sense of what can be expected from the heart of a man.

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