Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Mama

It happens more when it's quiet
When everything is standing still
Once again, I realize you're gone
I guess it'll never seem real.

There's never a day that goes by,
That I don't want to call you,
To ask you and tell you so much.
I need more moments, just a few

The last time I saw you I thought,
Maybe you were tired - so I'd leave you alone.
I left without a hug, a thought to call later,
I got too busy and never picked up the phone.

Only hours later - my world stopped spinning 
How could I have lost you again?
This time you'd be gone forever.
How could it be your end?

I look at my little boy, the
one you always called your baby
And I hurt that he won't know you.
How you loved him so completely.

I promise to tell him about you.
But only if I can.
Right now it's not something I can do.
I need you here to hold my hand.

I don't know if most realize, 
What it's like to lose a part of your soul.
Losing the one who made you,
It's your love that kept me whole

Right now I can't manage to write.
My eyes are filling with tears.
You know I can't stand that weakness.
I've got to get through this year.

I'll see you again in my dreams.
When you come to check on me.
And I'll hug you and forget,
Completely, the reality.

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